How do you feel about this patient?

How do you feel about this patient? I feel sorry and compassion for this patient. It looks like he is buried under all of that machinery and it is also hard to make eye contact. It must be a lonely existence there with all the machines sounding off and nurses and doctors in and out.

Question 2: Now, how do you feel about your patient? This patient, after realizing that the cancer was not in remission lived his every day like it was his last. I really liked his spirit and attitude. I liked his statements about denial and how it can play havoc with our minds. We, as human beings, always think this won’t happen to me. I always liked how he said we must learn to accept our weaknesses and they are not going to go away. Every time a patient of mine passes expires I reflect on how he/she was before they came to that final resting place.

Question 3: O’Keefe-McCarthy(2009) believes that “nurses caught up in the technological aspects of care may not recognize the person in amongst all the machinery, tubes, and monitoring devices”(p.790). Do you support this notion? Why or why not? What is the point of this assignment?

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