Describe the problem, what you think are its origins and discuss possible solutions. ​

IFP Economics – Module 2 Course Work
For the last part of the IFP Economics course, you are required to write a short individual essay on a topic of your choice. The purpose of this coursework is that you can deepen your knowledge in a topic of your interest and develop further your academic skills by applying what you have learned in the past year.
The length of the essay is 1,200 words, with a strict margin of 10%, including possible footnotes but excluding bibliography. The format you need to apply is Times New Roman font, size 12, line spacing 1.5 and alignment ‘justify’ (similar to this document).

During the first class, you are required to fill in the ‘Coursework Topic Form’, in which you announce your choice of question as well as a preliminary approach. Furthermore, there are two deadlines:​
• Deadline 1: Feedback on draft version à Monday May 19th
You have the choice to hand in a draft version of your essay for feedback. This is optional and whether or not you submit this draft version, as well as the quality of your draft version, will not affect your final grade. The feedback that you receive you can of course use to improve your essay. ​
• Deadline 2: Final version à Friday May 30th
This is a strict deadline. Submissions after this deadline will not be taken into account and will lead to a fail mark for your essay. Submission can be done by emailing your essay to

Mandatory May visits​
Furthermore we will be making three visits this month. These visits are mandatory. Missing out of one of the visits without valid reason will lead to your essay mark to be capped at 60 percentages. Missing two of the visits will automatically results in a fail mark, regardless of the quality of your essay.

Assessment criteria
Assessment of the coursework is based on your structure, clarity of writing, argumentation, degree of critical analytical writing, and use of relevant sources. Too few or too many words will lead to a penalty of 5% per 100 words. As said before, unjustifiably missing one of the mandatory visits will result in a cap of your mark of 60 percentages, and missing two of the mandatory visits will result in a fail mark. Missing the final deadline of Friday May 30th in handing in your essay by e-mail will also result in a fail mark.

Choice of Questions ​
You will choose one of the following three questions, which are based on three units of the study guide used this year. ​
• Question 1 (Unit 3: Market Failure and Government Intervention)​
Choose an example of a market failure. Illustrate why this is a market failure, what kind of market failure it is, and what – if anything – a government could do to deal with this. Illustrate your answer with real-life examples. ​

• Question 2 (Unit 4: Managing the Economy)​
Youth unemployment in Europe is rising, especially in the weaker economies such as Spain and Greece. Describe the problem, what you think are its origins and discuss possible solutions. ​
• Question 3 (Unit 5: Development and Sustainability)​
Pollution levels, especially greenhouse gases such as CO2, are unsustainable and – according to common consensus – will result in major environmental and socio-economic disruptions. Countries are accusing each other of not putting in enough effort. Illustrate the different positions in the debate and argue how – if at all – the global coordination problem for the reduction of CO2 levels could be achieved.

Coursework Topic Form
This form needs to be handed in during today’s class and approved by the lecturer.
Name: ________________________________
Choice of Question:​
o Question 1
o Question 2
o Question 3
Research Question (has to be an open question):
Shortly describe how you plan to approach your topic by giving a short outline of your planned approach and by giving examples will you use or possible solutions to the problem.
Signature of approval by Tutor:

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