Discuss oral disease interventions and their applications

This case scenario (assignment) covers Learning Outcomes 2, 9 & 11 of OH1 Paper

 LO 2 Discuss oral disease interventions and their applications

 LO 9 Use investigation, exploration, problem-solving and critical reflection to inform practice

 LO 11 Present work at the appropriate academic level

The assignment should be 4000 – words (excluding references).

In the assignment, you should refer to journal articles, scientific articles, books or other scientific resources and these should be referenced at the end of your assignment according to the AUT guidelines using the APA referencing system 6th edition. Non-scientific websites will NOT be accepted as references. You can get more information about the APA guidelines by visiting the AUT library website http://aut.ac.nz.libguides.com/APA6th


March 2015

Guidelines for writing your assignment 2015 Introduction: Describe the purpose of the assignment. Describe the scenario. Explain what is happening to the patient. Medical history: Medical conditions: Describe any medical conditions that the patient might have. Discuss any medications that the patient might take and what are the effects of this in terms of dental conditions? Discuss anxiety and how you would manage this. What would you do/say? How would you address the fact that the child eats sweets? Dental history: Describe how you would find about the patient’s dental history. Has the patient been treated previously for dental caries? Is this the first time the patient attends the clinic? Does the patient have or had dental phobia? Does the family have dental problems? If they do, what would you recommend? Examinations Extraoral examination: Discuss what you would look for when doing an extra-oral examination: what would you assess and why? Discuss physical profile

Intra-oral examination What would you assess when doing an intraoral examination? Would you just assess the dentition? Teeth in general – mix dentition, partially erupting teeth, crowding, occlusion, restorations present Tongue, lips and other soft tissues – appearance


Occlusal lesions, interproximal lesions – C1, C2, C3, C4 or C5 (Which teeth with caries) Missing teeth – present teeth Rotated teeth, supernumerary teeth present Periapical abscess Ectopic and impacted teeth Dental examination: List the problems you might think you need to deal with Diagnosis According to what you assessed…describe what your diagnosis is Gingival status – bleeding, localised, or generalised gingivitis, lacerations, colour, healthy. Hygiene – poor, good. What are you going to do about it? Caries risk: How would you determine the caries risk status of your patient? You need to talk about diet/hygiene habits, water in the area, decile area, socioeconomic status – poor/ rich, ethnicity, etc., etc., Diet – good diet / bad diet – frequent sugar consumption, drinks, snacks Caries present clinically and radiographically, tooth area where caries is present – C1, C2. Etc. Any abnormalities that has an impact in the oral health – crowding, disabilities, special needs patient, etc. 2016

March 2015

Treatment OHE (Oral health Education) – OHC (Oral Health Counselling). What would you do / say/ recommend and why? To who? Information given – tooth brushing, flossing, fluoridated tooth paste, water. Would you demonstrate or just mention it? Diet – sweet drinks, junk food, healthy food, school lunches etc. Preventive activities: Fluoride varnish application, fissure sealants, fissure protections, etc. When and where would you apply fluoride? How often? Why? Fissure sealants: do you recommend fissure sealants? Which teeth? When and why? Fissure protection: Would you recommend to fissure protect any teeth? Which teeth? Why? For what purpose? Restorative treatment; Do you recommend any other treatment? Restorative treatment? Which teeth would you restore? What materials would you use? Why? Amalgam / composite/ GIC? Which one? Local anaesthesia? How much? What technique would you use? Extraction: Would you extract any teeth? If so…which teeth /tooth? Why? Have you consider other option for treatment? Think about the age of the patient, condition of the tooth, signs and symptoms. Referrals: Would you refer the patient to another practitioner? Why? What are you expecting the practitioner to do that you can’t? Pulpotomy: Would you recommend performing a pulpotomy treatment? Why? Pulpectomy: would you consider performing a pulpectomy treatment? If so…what would you do? When?

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