causes and effects of playing sports

Cause And Effects of Playing Sports Studies show that children who play sports will have a lower chance of developing cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and obesity. There are many effects from playing sports. Effects such as reduced blood pressure, lowered stress, and less delinquent behavior. Also, a higher chance of serious injuries and effected growth and maturation. This paper will show all the effects of playing sports. There are a few causes of playing sports. One cause is because kids want to be on a team. They want to be with their friends.

Another cause is that parents want their children get up and out of the house. A final reason is some kids think they will be cool if they join a sports team. These causes have a few negative and positive effects. Unfortunately, there are some negative effects from playing sports. One effect is that kids growth and maturation will be affected. This means that kids might not go through puberty. This could be very bad for somebody’s health. A final negative effect from playing sports is that kids can get injuries. They can get concussions, broken bones and more.

This could be very bad because they could hurt something and not be able to exercise anymore. Even though there are negative effects from playing sports, there are also positive effects. There are three main positive effects from playing sports. First, playing sports can lower high blood pressure. If this is lowered there is a much larger chance that you will live longer than somebody who has high blood pressure. Also, sports lower stress. Stress can cause suicidal behavior, obesity and many other things so it is important to keep your self from developing it.

Finally, sports will cause less delinquent behavior in teens. If a teen has delinquent behavior it is very likely they will commit a crime and grow up to be a convict. All these are the negative and positive effects from playing sports. These are the effects of playing sports. Negative effects such as effected growth and maturation and risk of injuries and positive effects such as lowered blood pressure, lowered stress and less delinquent behavior. These are the main effects but there is many more. In conclusion, there are positive and negative effects from playing sports.

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