harry c triandis the self and social behavior in differing cultural contexts

Harry C. Triandis- The Self and Social Behavior in Differing Cultural Contexts

            The human study about the self has actually been given attention by many researchers in the fields of both psychology and philosophy. Undeniably though, both branches of research expertise have found out one particular fact about the matter; that the human individual develops based upon the environment that he is involved with and with the familiarity that he has within that particular environment, he begins to develop his own controlled personality that may either be supportive of the idealisms and norms of his environment or exactly become opposite of it as he bases his learning from the values that he garners from the way that he was brought up which is particularly another branch of the environment that he is accustomed to live with.

            With the article of Triandis entitled The Self and Social Behavior in Differing Cultural Contexts, he obviously focused in presenting the three branches of understanding human personality development. Likely, these three branches primarily include the private, public and the collective self of an individual. Understandably, such issues on self personality development include the understanding of one as to how he has been primarily affected by his internal as well as his external environment as he grows up towards maturity. This particular understanding on his part obviously comes from the thinking on how he is able to relate his own being with that norms and values of the community and the people he leaves with.

            The resulting outcome from such development includes the formation of culture, values and traditions that several groups of people consider to be their own. The differentiated status that they have from others actually make them more unique and outstanding thus identifying them as individuals having their own decisions as well as their own personalities that primarily describe who or what environment particularly honed them as they grew towards maturity.  Certainly, understanding is resulted from maturity and maturity is the cause of one’s understanding of his own self thus making possible acts as to how he develops even much better from what they already are.


Harry C. Triandis. The Self and Social Behavior in Differing Cultural Contexts. Psychological Review Copyright | 989 by the American Psychological Association, Inc. 1989, Vol. 96, No. 3,506-520.


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