personal statement for mba degree

My name is Pratik Rajiv Khurana. I am currently working as a Project Coordinator/ Project Quality Engineer for a Medical Device company in Maryland. The company manufactures a diverse portfolio of medical devices, supplies, and accessories in order to improve patient healthcare and satisfaction. I was always intrigued by Machines and equipment around me in childhood. So, I chose to pursue my Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. My Bachelor’s thesis was a working model of Assistive Limb Technology for handicapped people which developed my interest in Medical Devices. I started my career in USA as an intern to gain experience and exposure to the different rules and regulations related to Medical Devices. I then advanced to the position of a Quality Engineer where my prime role was to ensure compliance with FDA requirements and maintain the high-quality standard of products for customers. In my current role, I interact with various physicians and doctors to understand customer requirements and be an active member of the New Product Development team (NPD).

The favorite part of my job is to be part of developing medical device technology, working with cross-functional teams, encouraging them and leading projects. This is a challenging role as it involved a lot of brainstorming, troubleshooting, critical thinking, and multitasking abilities. Obstacles in personal and professional life are encountered by everyone and are inevitable. However, leaving that aside, I would want to accomplish all my career goals in order to achieve success, recognition, and make valuable contributions to the field of healthcare. I aspire to be part of a multinational institution and contribute towards developing revolutionary technology and cost-effective devices to improve patient’s treatment and life. I would like to face struggles and learn through the toughest phase to grow further in my career. Working hard, learning from peers and progressing towards career goals provides immense job satisfaction which is key to a long and happy career according to me. I aspire to strategically move forward on my career path over the next few years and gradually progress to higher level positions. One of the prime reasons for pursuing an executive MBA program is to enhance my skills and proceed to executive level positions. An MBA degree is an important milestone in my career as it would prepare me for senior management roles in the industry. It would play a significant role in exposing me to all areas of business including finance, project management, marketing, and human resources. Acquiring a strong understanding of the industry, regulations, production and cost planning along with efficient communication and leadership skills would assist me in achieving my ambitions.

My current short-term goals are to achieve the knowledge, excellence, and skills required to become a valuable asset to the company for increasing productivity, innovation and minimizing nonconformances. I try to attend conferences and seminars to learn more about new products, technology and Medical Device Regulations. I would like to train my peers and mentor new graduates to develop their skills in the Medical Device industry after becoming a subject matter expert in the next 10 years. Ultimately, I strive to successfully acquire the position of Senior project manager, Director of a dynamic company or be an entrepreneur over a period of 15 years.

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