romeojuliet love or lust

Romeo and Juliet demonstrate a concise story of unconditional love. It is so unorthodox that you may ask is it really love or just sexually attracted. It happened so fast that the essence of true love was gone. They only know each other for less than a week, how could they state that they feel love? They are both young and immature to love. There is a strong opinion that the way they understand love is about sexual and shallow. After the party where Romeo went back to see Juliet, they both confessed that they love each other.

It was less than quarter of a day, and they already assume that they’re in love even though they are might be just sexually attracted to each other. It doesn’t make any sense. What they did was really impulsive and selfish. Juliet thought of being too rash, too unadvised, and too sudden; but still, she was overcome by her emotion. She was blind by Romeo’s existence that blocked her to think of anything else. Their relationship was too impulsive and vague. Romeo is handsome and knight-like while Juliet is pure like an angel.

This may assume that they were just infatuated by each other. As Father Lawrence said “Young men’s love then lies not truly in their hearts but in their eyes. ” He pointed it out as he speaks for the immature love of two lovers. Last night, Romeo was in love with Rosaline. Out of a sudden, he was done loving her and move on to Juliet. If I were Juliet, it’s a stupid thing to marry someone like Romeo. He is hungry for love. Once you feed him, he’ll be yours. If someone feed him, he’ll be on that person.

What’s the rush? Instead of getting married and lusting each other, they should develop their relationship in more natural, mature love. In the film, clear evidence of their sexual desire for each other is kissing. you can feel that there is lust and crave. They were like today’s teenager that rushes every time They barely even know each other I. Conclusion (state my thesis again, pinpoint what I am saying, lesson) Their story represent today’s teenager’s love story; started so fast and ended so fast.

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