should abortion be illegal

Abortion, which is defined as the termination of an unborn fetus during a women’s pregnancy, has been a huge topic in today’s society. Anti- abortion started in the early 1820’s in the United States. During that time abortions were very risky, in fact they didn’t have all the surgical tools, and education that we do have now. 1820’s to 1970’s supreme court kept going back and forth to legalize it or to ban it. In 1971 the supreme court made it legal to all women to have the rights to have an abortion. 2000’s most states have abortions legal, that follows certain rules like parent consent. The opposing viewpoints will be in the following paragraphs, risk, abortion stages, gender selection.

Abortion has many health risks that can cause problems in the future. According to Abstract, “11,814 pregnancies that had previous abortions, there were 274 ectopic pregnancies.” However, this makes the egg implant outside the uterus. It also states, “Ectopic pregnancies often lead to death to the first trimester of pregnancies.” (Guttmacher institution, 2018) Making it harder for women to carry children after having previous abortions. Article Abortion Risks even states “abortions can cause cardiac arrest, raspatory affect, renal effect, shock metabolic disabilities, blood clot and other infections.” There is various health risk that are involved with abortions from all different studies. The further along you are in pregnancy more risk factors are included in abortions. Not only does it have several physical health problems, but also it can affect you emotionally, depressed, and suicidal thoughts. Another main issue studies have shown is that Induced abortions making it had for the mother and the baby. “The placenta covers the cervix, in a result causes severe bleeding. The mother will experience hemorrhaging, that can be life threating.” PTB is another factor that can happen if you’ve had abortions in the past causing the baby to come out before the expected time, making the baby underweight. It also one of the top reasons for infant deaths. Health Care Respects shares “150 studies have been done that have been a medical risk.”

The next topic is the stages of abortion. Can the baby feel it? In several states there is a time when you can get abortion, but once you meet the deadline you can’t. Other require certain requirements for abortions. There are a few ways to get abortions either taking pills or dilation and evacuation method. The dilation and evacuation method pull the baby apart limb by limb. A case study showed Michal Pickering “a baby that was born premature 22 weeks, pain receptors were present.” Claire also suggest that “20-week-old babies might actually feel more than older people.” Determining on the stage of the pregnancies the baby will start developing a heartbeat. The pain is also determined on the cerebral cortex and the nerve connections.

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