the importance of diversity in communication today

The world we live in is a world composed of constant changes and differences among people. History would tell us how far the age of humanity has stretched—from the period of cave men, to the age of land explorations, to Renaissance, up to the age of industrialization, and now, the period of globalization. Still, there are available tools and ways to settle each difference among people. One of the most useful and most effective ways to do this is through communication.

Communication helps greatly in the filling of gaps among people who have differences in views, culture, and contexts (Sproule, p. 13). Its diverse nature has proven to be playing a major role in the past. For example, during the time of the early cave men, communication was done non-verbally. It indicates the simplicity of life during the said period. It was very different during the Industrialization Age when other tools for communication were invented. The appearance of telephones and early computers made a great impact in the area of communication. These changes suggest that communication adapts with time and the needs of the people during that time.

In this current period though, what is the role and importance of diversity in communication in a globalized world? Diversity among cultures is one thing that plays a major role in communication today. With the differences in their views, tradition, and religion, people from different cultures often clash with each other. In communication, it should be noted that cultural diversity is one of the crucial and important aspects we should consider when communicating (Bovée, p. 26). For example, today that we are in the world of capitalism, business communication plays a vital role for the success of companies and industries.

When dealing with business partners and businessmen from a different race and culture, it is important that we knows how to communicate with them with background and knowledge of their culture (Schirato, p. 87). For example, the Japanese are known to be patient and values formality when dealing with their businesses as compared to other Western ones who are more direct, straightforward, and informal. Diversity in the products of technology also gives an impact to communication nowadays. Because of the invention of the Internet, written, verbal, and non- verbal communication are no longer limited. DuPont, p. 66). Written communication now changes from the way it used to be.

For example, mails today no longer require long days or hours of waiting to be received. Instant messaging, just as chat and e-mails, are rampant today and helps in the fast sending and receiving of messages. The ways on how to communicate verbally also change with the use of the Internet. Before verbal exchange of messages can only happen personally. But now, video conferencing, wherein two people could talk to each other even if they are in two different location, is possible.

Major changes in the area of non- verbal communication are also taking place. Other products of technological advancements add to the range of diversity communication has. The diversity in the products of technology helps communication to be faster, powerful, and effective. Although there are negative issues regarding online communication, we could not still hide the big impact technology has made to change the way we communicate. In addition, cultural diversity for others is a barrier for effective communication. However, the diversity helps in for further understanding and growth of the people.

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