wicked by gregory maguire

After Madame Morrible then tries to recruit Elphaba, Glinda, and Nessarose to work for the Wizard as spies, Elphaba heads to the Emerald city to work in an underground secretive business against the Wizard. Elphaba has a great motive to rescue the Animals from the Wizards evil plans thus she aims to kill the Wizard and his accomplices. This may seem wicked to some, however logically, Elphaba is not aiming to hurt innocent people. Therefore, the definition of wicked: commiting unrighteous and offensive acts, can still not be placed on Elphaba.

After she fails in killing Madame Morrible in the Emerald City, she practices being a maunt, then travels back to Kiamo Ko. On the way, the cook suddenly disappears and there’s a great chance that Elphaba and her peculiar animal friends killed him “Something told those bees to kill the cook,” said the Princess Nastoya, with a glitter in her eye. Elphaba felt herself go pale. “I didn’t! ” she said. “No, it couldn’t have been me! And how did you know? “You did, on some level.

You are a strong woman. ” In this case, Elphaba does a wicked act where she kills a person ethical reason. In addition, Elphaba’s motive in killing Dorothy can be classified as wicked too since Dorothy wasn’t probably going to kill her. However, in general, throughout the story, Elphaba aims to protect animals, kill the Witch, and apologize to Sarima. Elphaba is a very deep thinker who tries to analyze every detail in life, which drives her to commiting few “wicked” actions.

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