woolfe vs pertrunkevich

Virginia Woolf the writer of “The Death of a Moth” and Alexander Petrunkevich the writer of “The Spider and the Wasp” have many differences and similarities in their writing. They both use great details in their stories but Woolf uses metaphors and similes for her main idea and Pertrunkevich uses explicit details to state his thesis. The main similarity that Woolf and Pertrunkevich share in there writing is the use of very vivid details.

They both create a clear mental picture in the readers head with the insects, the scenery, or even the event taking place. Pertrunkevich uses imagery to show the battle between the wasp and the spider. “From time to time, as the exasperated spider slowly shifts the ground, the wasp turns on her back and slides along with the aid of her wings, trying to get under the tarantula for a shot at a vital spot. ” Throughout the entire story you can see the battle as if you were sitting right beside the two insects fighting. Woolf uses imagery to show the setting. it was a pleasant mourning, mid-September, mild, benignant, yet with a keener breathe than that of the summer months. The plough was already scoring the field… ” this gives the reader the sense that it is early fall in the country. One thing that separates the two writers it the fact that Petrunkevich uses explicit details throughout his story and Woolf uses implicit details to explore her main idea. ; Petrunkevich, writes a scientific story about a wasp and a tarantula in which the wasp kills the tarantula and buries it.

He takes you along the whole battle being very straight forward but occasionally uses a metaphor or simile. When you read his story, you are not required to think that much and very easily understand what he is saying. Woolf on the other hand writes a meaningful story about a moth and it’s fight between life and death in which she uses many metaphors and similes. While reading her story you are required to think about what is being said in hopes to understand what she is saying.

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