a life changing event

When the topic of a life changing experience is brought up my mind brings up various event s that stay with me, but the biggest one is the time I broke my leg. This was an experience that truly changes my life style and the way in seeing life itself. Now breaking my leg was only part of it the way it happened is what truly remains with me. I remember as if it was yesterday. It was a typical Friday in my household. Mom gets from work and we of we go shopping to lighten up the weekend to come. I was in pre-k and my sister was in the third grade, at that age we were both a bit hard headed and refuse to believe that anything could happen to us.

We were in our invincible young years. That Friday k-mart, which was our favorite store back then, was the decided store to go toy shopping. My mom believed that a good girl deserved a prize, of course back then the economy was better so a toy every Friday was nothing, so I and my sister always tried to be on our best behavior. That didn’t mean we didn’t have our moments, so to avoid any ciaos my father went to get a shopping cart to keep me and my sister in order. That cart was a cart I was never going to forget. As my dad mounted me on my destiny was about to change.

My sister who at that time was eight insisted in pushing the shopping cart. My parent seeing no harm in it allowed her to push it with me in it. Now we were good girls but we were still little girls with no common sense. As my mother put a 24 roll back of charming toilet paper, yes I remember these details, my sister also though it would be fun to climb the front of the cart. At first nothing but at she climbed the cart with on foot and pushed with the other I began to get a little scared. Just as I yelled stop the cart flipped over with me in it.

My parents heard me let out a loud cry and rushed over; they took me off the cart and asked me to stand. As I tried to get up I felt a sharp pain on my right leg. You see when the cart fell the bar fell on my folded leg thus breaking my leg. I was rushed to the hospital. I was told I needed surgery and that I was going to be in a cast for a long time. Because of that I ended up missing my whole pre-k year and the opportunity to see my friends. Especially my best friend Irene, but worry not we met up again in middle school and are still friends. That was one of my life changing events.

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