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Examining Government Regulations and Standards Teresa M. Long HSM/210 November 4, 2012 Shelley McDowell Examining Government Regulations and Standards Due to the fall in economy the United States has seen an increase in unemployment. Although the government is making an effort to improve this situation and the issues that follow, such as, health insurance, mental stress, and unemployment benefits, there are government regulations and standards that affect these issues chances of ever completely getting resolved for the unemployed.

Government Regulations and Standards There are several policies concerning unemployment; one policy in particular being Unemployment Insurance or Extended Unemployment Insurance. Although there are many policies that are controlled at a federal level, unemployment insurance is controlled at a state level; this means that the guidelines will vary by state. When it comes to the application process and eligibility requirements for unemployment benefits, the federal guidelines are the same amongst all the states. According to Lancaster, L. 2012), one regulation that affected unemployment for employers was the unemployment tax increase. In July 2011, the 0. 2 percent Federal Unemployment Tax Act surtax was discontinued after being extended eight times since 1976 (Lancaster, L. 2012). Another regulation that affects the unemployed and them receiving unemployment insurance is the eligibility requirements. In order to even qualify for unemployment benefits, the individual have to have earned a minimum amount of money or worked a certain amount of hours within a time period; they must have also loss their employment through no fault of their own.

Losing a job through no fault of your own means, not getting terminated because of poor performance or violating policies for that company or quitting; a layoff makes an individual eligible because it is not your fault an employer had to downsize. These regulations not only have an effect on an individual’s income, it also affects their ability to obtain health insurance. Many individuals, who do not meet eligibility requirements, do not receive benefits to keep up with their health insurance premiums. Obstacles There are many obstacles when it comes to a human service worker meeting the needs of the unemployed.

Some obstacles that would prevent me from meeting the needs of the unemployed as a human service worker would be the large work load. As a human service worker it would be hard to focus on one case at a time. Human service worker often deal with several cases at one time because there are not enough workers to share the work load. Another obstacle that would prevent me from meeting the needs of the unemployed is legislation changes. One change that will most definitely affect the unemployed not getting their needs met is the Extended Unemployment Compensation, which is set to expire soon.

Qualifications are other obstacles that would prevent me from meeting the needs of the unemployed. The main need that the unemployed is lacking is employment and without the right qualifications or being over qualified makes finding employment just that much difficult. In order for any of these needs to be met there would have to be some chances in social policies concerning unemployment. Future Trends and Changes The current unemployment rate in the United States is 7. 9 percent. In May 2012 the rate was 8. 2 percent; this means that unemployment is on the decrease.

In order for this rate to continue to decrease, unemployed individuals are going to need to take on jobs they would not otherwise do and not depend on unemployment insurance benefits as their source of income. With that said, there also needs to be an increase in jobs. Although there are employment seeking programs in place to aid in job searches, such as the Reemployment Service with the Texas Workforce and the Texas Back-to-Work program, it still is not enough for those who are over qualified for the jobs that are available for the taking.

The one policy that needs to change in order for the unemployed to continue to receive unemployment insurance benefits is the EUC. Although the EUC is set to expire in December 2012, extending it will help those who are not able to obtain employment continue to be able to meet their basic needs, such as, food, shelter, and even maintain their health insurance premiums. Conclusion In conclusion, unemployment and unemployment insurance continues to be a major issue in the United States. Although the unemployment rate has decreased, the issues that come with being unemployed are on the rise.

With all of the policies in place regarding unemployment the government regulations and policy that needs to be changed to resolve the issues with Extended Unemployment Insurance and the eligibility requirements for receiving unemployment. If these regulations and policies do not change than unemployment will be the least of the economy’s problems. References Alison Doyle. About. com, (2012) Lancaster, L. (2012). Changes in Federal and State Unemployment Insurance Legislation In 2011. Monthly Labor Review, 135(2), 12-29. Texas Workforce Commission. (2012)

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