history of activision company

Activision Company was founded in the 1979 and turned out to be a major publisher of video games that are created for the Atari 2600. Activision started humbly to create the best games of all times. It evolved in the same manner that it was marketed, produced and sold. Atari launched the strong VCS console in 1977, and this changed the way its fans played games. With its main rival highly competing it, it launched the new console to its customers where there were affordable cartridges could introduce various gaming universes (Wolf 23).

The arcade giant possessed the perfect combination of development talents, flexible hardware high profile brands to change video games from a toy that is merely short lived to a real market platform. It also introduced a variety of titles for all the fans of games. In 1982, Activision released its first game, Pitfall. This game was a huge success and it sold more than four million copies. In 2011, Activision blizzard broke the record of the bestselling video game company when it released “Skylanders” and the “call of duty. The two franchises upheld high sales and were the key drivers for the development of revenue during the quarter (Wolf 28). Another video game called “Diablo III” assisted annual in the yearly results by selling more than twelve million copies across the globe during the year. “Skylander” seems to be the new income earner for Activision, bringing revenues that exceeded one billion since it was launched in 2011 (Pederson, 87). In 2012, the Activision collaborated with Walt Disney to produce Wreck-it-Ralph an arcade game featured Ralph.

Ralph was a mysterious villain that proved he could be a hero. The game was released in Nintendo. The film was about Ralph’s journey that revert his awkward nature and destroys everything. The “Gun” is another video game that was vital to the success of Activison. The games was launched in 2005, Europe. The play station version was released in 2006. The game sold approximately 240,000 copies across the globe when it was launched. In the United States, the game sold more than 1. 4 million copies (Briceno et al. 56). The game received numerous critics when it was released.

The game has an open ground that includes side missions that develops the story. The players of the game controls Colton White. The players of the game can hunt animals like horse and buffalos. The player may cause turmoil amongst the people in the society, and he can also attract gunslingers and lawmakers (Pederson 45). The player acts as gunslingers who resist other fighters. While the players moves in the game, he can select to finish the side missions like law enforcement, cattle herding, and poker tournaments.

Players can also decide to upgrade the game with the money that he gets from the activities. The player can change his weapons which are revolvers, bows, explosives and arrows. There are several arrows that the player can select and these include explosive arrows, flaming and ordinary arrows. The players can also throw knives in the game (Fahs 87). Killing and attacking enemies is indicated in the quick draw gauge. The quick draw gauge reduces time when it is activated. The player can change from the first to third person with some weapons.

The game has double handheld explosives, which are the whiskey and dynamite bombs. The dynamite explodes after sometime while the whiskey bombs explode instantaneously when they strike the ground. Enemies may try to evade the explosives. There is also an emphasis on a melee battle. This involves the battle with enemies who charge at the player during the game. The players can use sabers, tomahawk and bow knife during battle. The players can also turn their enemies as their shield. The players can dispatch their enemies by cutting their throats.

They can also use a scalping knife to scalp the enemies head. During the melee battles the players can use bows and arrows. The players can shoot the bows while they are on a fast pace chase. The horses of the enemies and the players can also be killed. While the players ride their horses, they can fight in close range with the melee weapons that they have. “Guns” have characters that inherit their names from the Old west characters like Dave Rudabaugh, Hoodoo Brow n and Clay Allison. An example is the name “Alhambra” that is derived from the former castle of the Kingdom of Nasrid.

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