how gum helps you concentrate

The purpose of my project is to see if gum can really help you concentrate. My hypothesis is that it can help you concentrate. I chose this project because I wanted to know if gum could really help you concentrate. In this project I hope to find out that gum can really help you concentrate. Chewing gum is a sweetened and flavored insoluble plastic material used for chewing. It is one of the world’s most common habits. There are over 372 trillion sticks of gum made each year. People consume over 100,000 tons of gum a year. If we chew gum for 30 minutes then there is 187 billion hours of gum-chewing per year (Natural).

The world’s oldest piece of gum is 9,000 years old (Facts). Gum dates all the way back to the Ancient Greeks, but they weren’t the only ones chewing gum, there were the Mayans, North American Indians, and the early settlers. The Mayans made their gum from chicle. Chicle is milky latex from the sapodilla tree. Ancient Greeks chewed mastiche from a mastic tree. The North American Indians and Early settlers got their gum from the spruce tree. Most of their gum was made from tree sap and beeswax. In 1850 they made a gum from paraffin wax and this exceeded the spruce gum. (Hunter) The first commercial gum was made and sold in 1848 by John B.

Curtis. The first marketed chewing gum, named The State of Maine Pure Spruce Gum, was sold by John. Curtis was the first one to experiment with spruce tree resin. The Wrigley’s company was established in 1892 by William Wrigley Jr. The Wrigley most popular flavors such as Juicy Fruit and Double Mint were produce by William Wrigley Jr. (History). Thomas Adams and his eldest son made their first batch of modern gum and named it Adams New York No. 1. He molded his gum in small gumballs wrapped in different colored paper. Thomas actually sold chewing gum out of a vending machine.

He set the first vending machine in a New York City subway station. The vending machine sold both kinds of his gum such as Black Jack and Tutti Frutti. Thomas was the first person to come up with the gum named Black Jack. Thomas formed a new company called American Chicle Company. He was a member until his death in 1905. Thomas Adams will be remembered as the most important man in the history of chewing gum industry. (Bellis) Chewing gum repetitive actually helps in the mental processes in the brain. When you chew the chewing action usually mean there is a meal that is about to be consumed.

Then the brain is tricked into sending signals to release insulin. When the insulin is released it then soaks up any stray glucose or sugar in the blood and it is used for energy for organs or muscles nearby. (Chatham, Chris) Chewing Gum is made from natural or artificial latex or it could be chicle. Chicle never breaks down when chewed. Chicle provides the best flavor and chewing texture. Chicle is rarely used anymore because one tree only yields 35 ounces every four years (Price). Chicle is still used as the gum base in Japan. We do not use chicle as much because it cost a lot for a low quantity (Facts).

Gum is good for you because it can help you increase your intelligence and math scores as well. Chewing gum increases the blood flow to your brain. This is what helps you concentrate in school. They think it helps you concentrate because people who chew gum during a test seem to get higher scores than those who do not chew gum. When we chew gum it tends to give us alertness and attention but we do not get the jitters. Also while your chewing gum it can help reduce stress and anxiety (American News). Chewing gum could also help improve your memory, manage weight, and improve oral health.

This could help improve your memory because of how the jaw moves. When you chew gum this producers more oxygen, more glucose and disposal of more CO2. This also helps to improve our memory. The jaw helps the activity in our brain while we chew (Natural). It could help manage you weight because of how many calories are in each piece of gum you chew. Chewing gum can also help you quit smoking. It could help you quit smoking because when you have a piece of gum you need it to help keep your mouth occupied instead of smoking (Natural). Bubble gum is like chewing gum but bubble gum is particular flavor for blowing bubbles.

Frank Fleer was the first inventor of bubble gum. Flank was the one who came up Double Bubble Gum. Double Bubble gum was an accidental gum because it was not sticky but it was still good and people still wanted it. Double Bubble was the only gum that was in the market for many years. Double Bubble was based on the original Frank Fleer Formula. Frank experimented with many recipes to find the right recipe because he wanted people to learn how to blow bubbles. After in found you could blow bubbles with Double Bubble Gum then he hired people to become teachers to help people to learn how to blow bubbles (Facts).

When you swallow gum it is easily digested. Gum usually stays in your stomach for a day or two not a whole seven years. The reason why gum gums stays in your stomach for a couple days is because it is made up of flavors, sweeteners, food coloring and preservations and the body can absorb it (Natural). Since gum has high fructose-corn syrup this can lead to short term memory loss. Also it could decrease the learning ability function. It has been proven that gum chewing lessens one’s ability to memorize letters and numbers compared to the ones that do not chew gum.

It also says that when the gum becomes flavorless the beneficial effects disappear. It also appears that flavorless gum lacks the effects of flavored gum when it triggers the increased blood flow. (Chatham, Chris) There are many experiments that have been made to make new flavors. Today gums are made from some of these ingredients like pepsin, guarantee, nicotine, and gum base. Now days there are all kinds of gum from the classic gum to the new gum. Some of the new gums are cool because the change your mouth a different colors, and comes in different shapes.

Today there is wide variety of different gums. Most of the gum is a stick or a wad of gum. There are several types of gum for dental hygiene. They help you by whiten teeth, clean teeth, and freshen breath. Today gums still have the taste of Mastic Tree, because it represents the original chewing gum taste. There is still gum made of chicle but not much because most of them are made up of chemicals and gum base (Natural). There is a difference between bubble gum and chewing gum. On difference is the gum base. Chewing gum is hard to blow bubbles with because it is made out of chicle.

Bubble gum is made from a mixture of starches and polymers, which allows the bubble gum to blow big bubbles. Bubble gum was introduced in 1806 the first product was not a wild success. Chewing gum has been around for centuries. Chewing gum is made for long lasting enjoyment (Natural). People chew gum for reason. Some of those reasons are to get freshened breathe, helps them stop grinding their teeth together, helps them concentrate, also helps people from snacking around on things, and also helps reduce stress (Hunter). Some people just like the way the gum makes drinks taste or even how it makes your mouth feel (Bellis).

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