How would you assess the problem?

Discussion Question 1: You are a quality analyst in a health information management department appointed to lead a project team. Your team must assess the problem with the documentation of the patient’s discharge disposition status in the health record. An increasing number of errors have been reported and frustration among the coders has risen. These coders claim that conflicting information is often present in the record, requiring them to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to obtain verification. Coding productivity has been affected. How would you assess the problem? Give examples of tools to use in a meeting, some ideas that may develop, and a study mechanism.

Discussion Question 2: Suggest a scenario where a payment methodology might vary in an outpatient setting. Next, discuss how quality of documentation relates to payment? Finally, suggest a plan for improving the quality of the entries with in the record in order to ensure full payment is received.

Answer in APA format along with a reference page. Each discussion question shouldn’t take more than a page or a little more than a page.

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