the bachelor silly sexiest and to many irresistible

The Bachelor: Silly, Sexiest, and to Many, Irresistible


The Bachelor, Silly, Sexiest, and, to Many, Irresistible Author Mimi Avins writes; she finds the new reality show to be “stupid, contrived, and boring.” yet addicting! Demeaning to women and the reality is the fame was more welcomed than finding true love.

Though the show was unscripted and hated Mimi Avins was addicted. The fear of shows like “The West Wing” and “Six Feet Under” would be replaced by more reality shows. Demeaning to woman with its sexiest and ridiculous tales.

Younger woman found themselves watching and having parties called “The Bachelor’. The climb of both woman and men has obsessed themselves with the new reality show. And with the success of the Bachelor the Bachelorette was produced.

The Bachelor is said to be, “stupid, contrived, and boring”. Well like my millions of woman even catching the eyes of some men. It has become addicting. Because the success was so great, in spite of its demeaning to women says Mini Avins the Bachelor was produced.

The Bachelor: Silly, Sexist, and, to Many, Irresistible

Even with the thought that “The Bachelor” was “stupid, contrived, and boring”, Mimi Avins describes how addicting it had become. A fear that shows like “West Wing”, and “Six Feet Under”, would be replaced. Younger women enjoy watching the sexiest; romance would find themselves-having parties named after the reality show “The Bachelor”, where much fun and excitement would allow them to discuss the steamy details of the show. Compared to with” Survivor”, and “Who wants to be a, Millionaire.” Mimi Avins viewed them all the same, to her disbelief that one man could construct such a reality show. Millions of women and some men have become entangle with the new show “The Bachelor”. Its demeaning toward women has not stop women from watching the sexy young men, and views that a middle age version should be introduced. In contrast the reality is, if not chosen the thought of being on television was more thought and glamorized then finding real love.

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